31 Jul


What is your Passion?


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It’s the difference between a fan and a superfan..

It’s what distinguishes a great employee from a mediocre one…

It’s what separates the men from the boys in sports..

Passion is the intangible obsession that we all possess for those things we love.   We can force a child to take piano lessons but we can’t force them to have a passion for it.  Yet without it, they will never really succeed as a pianist.

Watch the Olympics and you will find athletes of all kinds with a passion that is unmatched.  Go to the gym and notice that the people just going through the motions are not getting results- the ones who are giving it everything they have in and out of the gym are the ones changing their bodies.  That employee who shows up early and leaves late never really impresses the boss like they hoped- it’s the one with the passion for what they are doing that gets the big raise.

We don’t typically find our passions- they find us.  We might say we want to be a great golfer like Tiger Woods, yet we never attain that because it’s not something we are passionate enough to dedicate the endless hours of practicing our swing for.  We might want to be a great teacher that our students remember for years to come, yet we never find the energy to reach them in new and impacting ways.

This site is here because everyone has things they are passionate about.  It’s those things you want to constantly better yourself in, to expand your horizons and learn ways things like technology and apps can help you make a bigger impact.  We hope this site becomes a tool for you to do just that.

So… What is your passion?



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